Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté, also known as GAeL, is an annual workshop organized by and for young algebraic geometers.

Positivity in Algebraic Geometry

Positivity in Algebraic Geometry is a textbook by Robert Lazarsfeld. This page organizes the Spring 2022 reading schedule.

Geometry of Schemes

Geometry of Schemes is a textbook by David Eisenbud and Joe Harris. This page organizes the Summer 2020 reading schedule.

Directed Reading Program

The DRP is a math mentoring program that pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors, for a semester-long independent study project.

Graduate Algebraic Geometry Seminar (GAGS)

The purpose of this seminar is to learn algebraic geometry and commutative algebra by giving and listening to talks in a informal setting.

The Rising Sea

The Red Rising Sea is a set of notes by Ravi Vakil. This page organizes the Summer 2021 reading schedule.